Frith Bail –Artist Statement 2013
My early training as an art therapist has always informed my perspective towards my medium. Over the years my work in clay has been my voice and the window into my soul. This body of work reflects my search for inner personal balance. I used clay and the female form as a vehicle to unearth these images. I will work on a piece for months until a soul emerges - turning a solid rectangular block into a soul that moves and breathes. For this collection I used the surface that best resonates with these forms - smoke firing. Once a piece enters the smoke its surface is at the mercy of the elements. The results are always wonderfully surprising as the smoke embodies the clay leaving fossil imprints of the grasses.
Since 2008 I have been a part of Nuit Blanche in Toronto, Canada, creating large site-specific works of art. My work is also shown at Mad and Noisy Gallery in Creemore, Ontario.

Artist statement 2013

Frith Bail Artist Statement for May show" Alchemy "